Femme = woman
Renegade = rebel
Femme + renegade = Femmegade, or feminist rebel.

I was inspired to start this blog for many random, very specific reasons.

1) I love fitness and food blogs. I find other peoples’ lives fascinating, and blogs give intimate insight to behavior, thought processes, and societal impact on both of those things.

2) I was listening to Renegades by X Ambassadors (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tu4wWSbnIs) when I first thought of the idea for a blog, and the line “Living life like we’re renegades” caught my attention. By dictionary definition, renegade means “traitor,” “deserter,” and “disloyal.” I want to take this word and transform it’s meaning – so many words have undergone fundamental change because of how they are used in society, so why not this one? I want it to mean a force of nature, a fighter, a rebel against all the negative pressures and stereotypes that this world has imposed on us.

3) I wanted to create a platform for diverse voices and opinions to come together on issues that should be important to all of us: feminism, mental health, civil rights, social justice and just general reflection on what certain aspects of life, growth, and strength mean to different people.

The only rule here is respect. Respect those who write, respect comments, and respect yourself and your ability to grow by challenging yourself. Thank you for being here 🙂

If you would like to be a Featured Femmegade, email me at hillaryli92@gmail.com or Facebook me!


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